Infographics Nightmare: Are You Making These 7 Costly Mistakes?

Hey there, content creators! We all know infographics are the rockstars of the visual content world. They can condense complex information into bite-sized, visually appealing nuggets that grab attention and get shared like crazy. But just like a rockstar with a bad stylist, even infographics can fall victim to some major fashion faux pas.

The truth is, creating a truly infographic masterpiece takes more than just throwing some text on a colorful background (although let’s be honest, sometimes those cat memes with motivational quotes come pretty darn close).


So, before your infographics gets relegated to the dusty corners of the internet, let’s take a deep breath and avoid these 7 common (and costly) mistakes:


Mistake #1: The Information Avalanche

Imagine trying to decipher a blizzard at high noon. That’s what happens when you try to cram too much information into a single infographic. Remember, folks, infographics are about clarity, not cramming your entire thesis statement into a pretty picture.

Fix it: Focus on a single, clear message. Use bullet points, concise text, and visuals to support your point, not replace it. Think of your infographic as a movie trailer – it should pique interest, not tell the whole story.

Mistake #2: The Rainbow Puke Explosion

Yes, color is important. But a riot of clashing hues will leave your viewers feeling like they just wandered into a paint store explosion. Don’t be that infographic.

Fix it: Choose a limited color palette that complements your brand or topic. Use color strategically to highlight key points or draw attention to specific sections. Remember, less is often more when it comes to color in infographics.

Mistake #3: Font Frenzy

Imagine reading a book where every sentence has a different font. Not fun, right? The same goes for infographics.

Fix it: Choose two or three fonts that work well together – one for headlines, another for body text, and maybe a third for accents. Stick to your chosen fonts throughout the infographic for a clean and cohesive look.

Mistake #4: The Mystery Meat Chart

Charts and graphs are fantastic tools for conveying data, but only if your audience can actually understand them. Cryptic legends and indecipherable axes will leave people scratching their heads.

Fix it: Label your charts and graphs clearly. Use easy-to-read fonts and colors. If your chart gets too complex, consider breaking it down into separate, simpler visuals.

Mistake #5: The Stock Photo Abyss

Stock photos can be a lifesaver, but generic images of handshakes and people looking at laptops won’t exactly make your infographic stand out.

Fix it: Use high-quality, relevant images that complement your content. Consider using custom illustrations or data visualizations for a more unique touch.

Mistake #6: The MIA Source

Did you know that good infographics are like good research papers – they cite their sources! Leaving out where you got your data can make your infographic look unprofessional and untrustworthy.

Fix it: Include a small section at the bottom of your infographic with links or references to your data sources.

Mistake #7: The Orphan Infographic

So you spent hours crafting your infographic masterpiece, but now it’s just sitting there on your website, collecting digital dust. Don’t let that happen!

Fix it: Promote your infographic! Share it on social media, embed it in blog posts, and submit it to infographic directories. The more eyes on your infographic, the better.

Bonus Tip: Feeling overwhelmed by the whole infographic creation process? Don’t despair! There are plenty of user-friendly online tools and platforms to help you create stunning infographics, even if you’re not a design guru.

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